Before treatment, patients should adhere to treatment requirements and make the lifestyle modifications needed to maximize the healing process.

Be sure to disclose all active prescriptions to providers prior to treatment.

It is required to abstain from alcohol and tobacco consumption during treatment in order to maximize the healing process and limit oxidative stress on the brain.

Some patients report fatigue, increased appetite, and repressed memories resurfacing during the beginning stage of hyperbaric treatment. This is considered normal and will dissipate as you continue through treatment. If the memories become overwhelming during treatment, it is vital you let your provider/clinical counselor within the program know so they can assist.

We encourage post treatment feedback, periodic updates, and advocacy following treatment in order to “pay it forward” for our veteran community.

You are required to complete monthly patient reporting surveys every month for 12 full months. These surveys will assist with standard of care reform for all future veteran and active duty patients.

It is a required to abstain from any recreational/illicit drug use, including marijuana, during treatment.

During treatment process, you may be asked to modify your diet and/or daily activity in order to create positive lifestyle habits that encourage long term healing after treatment.

You are required to sign a Treatment Sponsorship Agreement; allowing the use of pre/post treatment diagnostics, and patient surveys with all personal identifying information removed. These will be used as data sets to change standard of care options within mental health community and raise awareness to more effective treatment options.